Seamus Golf Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Shepard’s 6 Iron on the Moon with Special Collection

The latest limited edition collection of Seamus Golf is a tribute to the 50e anniversary of one of the most famous golf shots in the history of the game: the 6 iron that astronaut Alan Shepard hit on the moon, sending a golf ball flying “miles and miles” for more than 30 seconds before falling back on the lunar surface.

The Portland, Ore., Hand-forged, hand-forged golf accessory maker is no stranger to Special Collections, having performed limited edition headgear races for the Herbal Masters Tournament. and trees of the Augusta National Golf Club, and for golfers who have participated in the charity Hundred Hole Hike, among a wide range of examples.

The latest version is inspired by the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 in which Shepard, the mission commander, brought golf beyond the ends of the earth. On the last day of the mission, Feb.6, Shepard used a modified club – a Wilson Staff Dyna-Power 6 iron head attached to a retractable shaft to collect samples of lunar rock and soil – to crush the two bullets that ‘he had brought with him. Shepard had received NASA approval in advance and, prior to the trip, had trained in a bunker in Houston while wearing his spacesuit which weighed over 200 pounds. While he didn’t make solid contact during his first one-handed hits on the moon in the bulky suit, Shepard’s last shot easily passed through the moon’s gravity which is one-sixth that of Earth. .

Today the club is on display at the USGA Golf Museum and Seamus commemorates the 50e anniversary of the shot heard on earth with limited edition driver, fairway, hybrid and putter headgear, and a limited series of 11 golf bags priced at $ 695 each that weighs 1.4 pounds each and are designed to resemble the snap suit Shepard wore during his famous spacewalk.

For $ 895, Seamus also sells a limited series of 14 Golf on the Moon kits including the golf bag, reflective gold hood, brass space pen, black moon marker, custom golf towel with titanium carabiner and a head covering souvenir. All products in the collection feature a technical fabric popular in the elite hiking space that is 15 times stronger than steel for the same weight, 30% lighter than nylon and polyester, and also waterproof for good measure.

“The moment golf was played on the moon represents what we consider to be a Far & Sure moment, an inspiration to us and the kind of moment we think of when considering what may be the most momentous moment. of the game, ”said Seamus founder Akbar Chisti. . “The idea of ​​playing on the moon spins our creative minds and we thought the idea of ​​bringing in the materials used in packs to climb like the K2 was relevant here.”

Seamus’s Articles Golf on the Moon Collection are available in limited quantities starting today. And Seamus isn’t the only golf company in Portland to jump into the action for the 50e anniversary of Shepard’s “lunar launch”.

Nike Golf, which Seamus has collaborated with on several occasions, this week unveiled a limited edition version of its Air Max 90 golf shoe with an otherworldly theme. The line, priced at $ 150, sold out quickly after initially being available only to members of the Nike community.


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