NASA Lends Precious 3.9 Billion-Year-Old Moon Rock to Joe Biden’s Oval Office at the White House

NASA loaned a moon rock for display in the White House Oval Office at the request of the Joe Biden administration.

The Moonrock now sits in the Oval Office in symbolic recognition of the ambitions and achievements of previous generations, and in support of the United States’ current approach to exploration of the Moon to Mars.

The “lunar sample 76015143” comes from the lunar sample laboratory at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, the US space agency said Thursday.

Apollo 17 astronaut Ronald Evans and moon walkers Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan, the last humans to set foot on the moon, extracted this sample from a large boulder at the base of the Massif Nord in the valley of Taurus-Littrow, 3 km from the lunar module, according to the inscription on the window.

This 332 gram chunk of the Moon, which was collected in 1972, is a 3.9 billion-year-old sample formed during the last major impact on the moon’s visible face, the Imbrium Impact Basin, which measures 1,145 km in diameter. .

NASA plans to land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has officially resigned as administrator of the US space agency, as Biden took over as president.

President Biden is expected to choose a woman to serve as the administrator of NASA, which has been held only by men since the agency was established in 1958.

Biden was sworn in as president and Kamala Harris as vice president of the United States on Wednesday.

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Troy M. Hoffman