Dad Blackmailed A Friend After Lending Money For Christmas Presents

A dad blackmailed an old friend after loaning him money for Christmas, then pinned a woman against the wall with his car.

Simon Jevons, formerly of Algernon Street, Fairfield, made threats and blackmailed a former friend after loaning him money for his children’s Christmas presents.

After loaning the man money in December, in January, Jevons began making “demands” and “demands” for repayment, which escalated into blackmail.

Jevons made calls and threatened to send someone to collect the money and these threats ended in a physical altercation with Jevons pinning his friend’s wife against a wall with his vehicle.

The 34-year-old appeared in Chester Crown Court on Wednesday August 11 after pleading guilty to fighting, dangerous driving, drunk driving and driving without a license.

He was jailed for 18 months in what the judge described as the only “appropriate” punishment.

Continuing, Jamie Baxter explained how on February 12, 2020, Jevons and his brother arrived at the complainant’s family home.

The court heard how Jevons’ brother and the man had a physical altercation and less than a minute later Jevons, who was driving a blue Mini Cooper without a driver’s license or insurance, tackled the man’s wife against a wall.

The woman banged on the hood, causing Jevons to back off.

Mr Baxter explained how Jevons then took a tire wrench out of the trunk of the car and walked over to the man with it.

The three men ended up in the bushes, but the man and woman were able to quickly lock themselves inside.

The couple suffered injuries, including cuts and bruises, as well as the woman’s underlying health problem that resulted.

Mr Baxter told the court of Jevons’ 20 previous offenses and 10 convictions, including prior possession of a weapon, assault and vehicle-related offenses.

He then explained the second indictment which was dangerous driving on May 28, 2021, which resulted in a short-lived police chase.

A police officer spotted a gray BMW “quickly” on the streets of Warrington, so he followed the vehicle and got out to speak to the driver, who was Jevons.

When the officer approached the car, it drove off, which led to the officer ordering a search.

Jevons attempted to escape, reaching speeds of over 30 hours on residential streets and “bouncing” on speed bumps.

He then collided with a police vehicle causing significant damage to both vehicles and causing the air bags to inflate.

Jevons was then arrested and taken into custody where he apologized and admitted he had “had a few drinks”.

In defense, Sarah Griffin said that between the two infractions, Jevons had managed to “stay out of trouble” for over a year.

She said: “By going to jail and losing his freedom, he would lose his job – he is self-employed.”

Ms Baxter explained that Jevons hires with her partner and two children that if he is jailed “there is no guarantee that she can maintain payments for herself and the children.”

She added: “This is of course not a card without getting out of jail.”

Judge Patrick Thompson concluded: “Serious threats have been made, causing serious harm and distress.

“You are not helped by your previous convictions.”

Judge Thompson also said some aggravating factors were that the dangerous driving offense was committed while he was out on bail, the fact that it was also the third time Jevons had driven without insurance and without a license and because he was under the influence of alcohol.

Jevons was sentenced to 18 months in prison for both offenses, banned from driving for three years and nine months, and received a restraining order from the plaintiff for three years.

Troy M. Hoffman