Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 21: Avoid Lending Money | Astrology

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 21)

Understand the connection you have with your limiting beliefs so you can move away from them. In the moment, promise yourself that from now on; you will trust yourself and be guided by intuition, you know the answer will present itself because you know yourself best and no one else. Free yourself and let the universe guide you. It’s time to pack your bags and let the road take you to a Freeland!

Capricorn Finance Today

You will feel more optimistic and confident about your skills, fully capable of overcoming all obstacles, while good fortune will always be on your side. Inspect things carefully before investing and making big decisions involving money. Avoid lending money even to your relatives.

The Capricorn family today

Someone close may scold you loud enough to make you sad. Try to find the reason behind things rather than seeing them on the surface. Avoid arguing and resenting those around you. Try to solve things rather than complicate them.

Capricorn career today

Optimism and confidence are real tricks up your sleeve: use them with the utmost speed and timing. With an extra dose of wisdom and commitment, you can overcome any problem. Keep up the pace and focus more on your goals and work.

Capricorn health today

You may be feeling a little stressed and depressed today. A little schedule change is what you need right now, plan an outing. Try something new for your workout, eating nuts and sweets can improve your mood. Practice meditation and mindfulness to relax your soul and body.

Capricorn loves life today

Roses come with thorns and love with problems, my dear. Love doesn’t mean spending all the time together, what it means is growing together, learning together, respecting each other’s private space. Love means supporting each other in difficult times, not resisting and finding fault.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky color: water green

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